Thai Table Intro

90 minutes/day INTRO ///
2 consecutive evening sessions
THU – FRI from 6:30PM – 8:00PM (3 CE credits)

767 Lexington Ave @ 60th Rm #304

Instructor: Sassy

Class Description
– The Intro Thai-Table is a shortened class from the full 2 Day Authentic Thai Table Class (12 hours.)
– On the first day of class, you will receive a printout of all the lessons.
– This class will teach students how to do a Thai-Table massage, which is designed for people (both receiver and giver) who are uncomfortable with the massage on the floor.
– The class is a hands-on class (around 6-8 people per class with one instructor).
– The intro Thai-Table massage will be done on a low table.
– The instructor will demonstrate the massage.
– Students will work in pairs (taking turns with your partner) using an iPad with the keynote presentation to help follow the steps that are taught and the instructor will correct your posture when needed.
– we will provide clothes to change into.

Course Outline
90 minutes/day INTRO /// 2 consecutive evening sessions         $79.-
Day 1 of 2: Face down position (prone) massage..legs, back. (Mini version from 2 full days courses)
Day 2 of 2: Face up position (supine) massage..legs, arms, hands, neck, shoulders,(Mini version from 2 full days courses) and review.

Schedule and Payment
For scheduling and payment please contact: 212-759-6618 or