Thai Herbal Ball

3 day Authentic Thai Herbal Ball Massage Class. (on a mat) (Thai – Herbal)
Saturdays and/or Sundays from 10:00AM -5:00PM (18 CE credit)

767 Lexington Ave @ 60th Rm #304

Instructor: Sassy

Class Description
– This class will teach students how to prepare and make Thai – Herbal balls.
– This class will also teach some stretching techniques before applying the herbal balls.
– This is a hands on class (around 6-8 people per class with one instructor).
– The class will be performed on a mat.
– The instructor will demonstrate the massage.
– Students will work in pairs (taking turns with your partner) using an iPad with the keynote presentation to help follow the steps that are taught. The instructor will correct your posture when needed.
– At the end of each class, students will receive an email with the PDF of the presentation to review at home.
– we will provide clothes to change into and also ingredients (herbs) and other materials to make the herbal balls as well.

Course Outline
Authentic Thai Herbal ball massage (on a mat) (Thai – Herbal)          $395.-
Day 1 of 3: Learn how to make Thai Herbal ball, and start practicing some stretching technique while the participant is laying face-up and then apply herbal ball.
Day 2 of 3: Practice some stretching technique while the participant is laying face – down and then apply herbal ball. and position the client in face-up position and then sitting up position and then apply the herbal ball.
Day 3 of 3: Review / Practical exam.

Application and Payment
To reserve your seat, please complete and submit the registration form along with your first payment.

1st Payment $197 (half of tuition) and remaining balance due on the first day of school.
(Receive 10% off, if you registered 30 days or more before class begins.)

Withdrawal and Refund Policy:

Days Before
The class begin

Refund Amount Credit Amount
1-7 No refund 25%
8-14 25% 75%
15-30 50% 50%
31+ Full refund

If you miss a class…
– You must take a make up class before the next class.
– The make up class will be one on one for four hours. ($200 per one make up class.)

Students of Authentic Thai Massage are welcome to repeat the course at a discount of 50%